Watch the VOX-Pol Webinar on ‘Terrorism Informatics’

In March 2021, VOX-Pol published four Blog posts on the topic of ‘Terrorism Informatics’. The series covers A Framework for Researchers, Identifying Extremist NetworksAnalysing Extremist Content, and Predicting Extremist Behaviour. The Blogs are written by Matti Pohjonen, a Researcher for a Finnish Academy-funded project on Digital Media Platforms and Social Accountability (MAPS) and VOX-Pol Fellow.

Following the four Blog posts, VOX-Pol hosted a Webinar, where blog author Matti Pohjonen and Eugenia Siapera, UCD Professor of Information and Communication Studies, discussed the topic of ‘Terrorism Informatics’ and how researchers can ethically engage in these kinds of analyses.

Prof Siapera posed questions about the values that drive the research, potential impacts on civil liberties, methodological concerns, and possible future directions for this research. Professor Maura Conway, VOX-Pol coordinator, introduced the discussion and led the Q&A.

The webinar can be watched on the VOX-Pol YouTube channel or below. A transcript is forthcoming.

This work was developed from a VOX-Pol workshop held in Dublin City University in May 2018, titled Inside the Black Box of ‘Terrorism informatics’: The Costs and Benefits of Using Computational and Big Data” Methods in Violent Online Political Extremism Research.