Researcher Welfare 2: Mental and Emotional Well-being and Self Care

This page points users to resources and tools on ways for online extremism and terrorism researchers’ to ensure their mental and emotional well-being and engage in self-care.

It is important to note at the outset however that if you are being negatively mentally and emotionally impacted by your research that you should contact your GP or a mental health professional. The latter are often available to university faculty, and sometimes graduate students too, via occupational health channels. While the resources below cannot replace the advice of a professional, we recognise that not all researchers have health coverage and/or access to such services, which is one of the reasons for this section of the site. The other reason is to alert online extremism and terrorism researchers about the potential mental emotional toll of this research and the need for self-care.

You will notice that most of the available resources are targeted not at academic researchers, but at activists, journalists, and others, but are nevertheless directly relevant because they speak to many of the same issues faced by researchers in our field.

If you are familiar with additional resources on these topics that could be added to this page, please drop us a line at We are especially interested in learning about resources that speak to researchers’ experiences, particularly those in our field.